Agent Number One And Agent Number Two

Agent Number One And Agent Number Two

I was in the mood to draw our famous two feds (or whatever they’re working for) in classic black suits and black shades.

Ink, watercolors and Copic marker on lousy paper. (c)2008 Thomas Mayer, All Rights Reserved

Update: The agents are available on shirts now!

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47 thoughts on “Agent Number One And Agent Number Two

  1. Is it wrong that this illustration makes me nervous? Honestly, I feel like they’re looking … for me!


    Paranoid much? Thanks for sharing your great illustration.

  2. Fats of DC
    I like Men in Black; in fact,I like black men. No, I’m not a woman; no, I’m not black.
    Ain’t life grand, don’t you know, we have such a variety t0 choose from. How could
    I not like “Men in Black?”

  3. But how will you follow this up? Can we not have a whole gang of agents and how about a lady in red just to set them off? Ok…maybe not a red dress but red lipstick at least πŸ™‚

    • You’re right. We definitely need more cold blooded women here. I put that on my sketch list. Thanks for your feedback. I wish I would be a cartoonist so I could spin a story around that for you guys.

    • Thank you for your feedback. I usually just do commission work or designs for Personally I don’t feel comfortable with most website’s terms of use. Do you have any experience with that?

    • Thanks for your feedback. Just checked your puzzles. Great work and big fun. As soon something pops up in my mind that can match with your brilliant sketches, I will contact you.

  4. Well done and interesting drawing. I am curious to know what inspired you to draw this?? Thanks for sharing, and congrats on fp!

  5. Brilliant, although it looks like the MIB in the background is looking at a map and is irritated his boss is on the phone because he’s trying to say that they’re lost.

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