KISS 3: Keep In Shape!

KISS 3: Stay In Shape (Easy Sketches By Using Simple Shapes)

Remember the last time we talked about simple sketching? Now since you have the pens we come to the basic drawing techniques. Remember this is not a graphic tutorial or lessons for perfect drawing, it’s a small manual for you to draw your own clip arts and helping you expressing your ideas with simple sketches.

Before you start let me give you some advice:

  • Don’t do too much on your first steps. It won’t turn out as you want and you only get frustrated.
  • Just add details to explain the object you’re drawing. If you think your computer doesn’t look like a computer, just add a mouse.
  • Draw big! If you want to transfer them to you computer, at least two times bigger than the size needed.
  • Stay loose. The simpler your sketch, the less people will see imperfection.

The trick to start every sketch is to draw a very rough shape. Almost everything can be divided in very simple shapes. Train your eye a bit how to find the squares and circles and with a little practice even the human body isn’t that complicated anymore. But before that it’s totally okay to avoid realistic drawings of people. Don’t worry about the naturalism of you sketches. Don’t count fingers or toes. A hand is a hand even with just three fingers. Check out cartoon characters like the Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, or Donald Duck: No five fingers here too! Same with proportions. It needs a lot of practice to draw exact proportions. Trying to do that in the beginning is just a PITA. Enjoy your sketching life without proportions and perspectives. It makes things so much easier.

I recommend to draw the shapes with a pencil. Don’t put too much pressure on it, light lines makes it easier to erase what you don’t like. After you think the construction ready it’s time for the Sharpie (See KISS-pens): Draw over your construction and then erase the pencil shapes. It’s good to use a permanent marker here because others might smear when you’re using the eraser. You can start by leaving daily “Post-It”-Sketches on the fridge or on the coffeemaker.


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