KISS Pen 3: Stabilo Point 88

Sketch With Stabilo Point 88

I think we mostly covered all the basic pens you need for your simple sketches. So before we come to the more advanced drawing tools there is one I want to mention too: The german Schwan-Stabilo Point 88. I don’t like them too much, because I feel like they are  too thin for my hand and the felt tips are a bit to fragile for me. But they are very popular and like the Sharpies it’s almost a cult pen. I guess especially girls love the thin shape of a pencil. They are around one dollar each. The fact that they are available in almost every color, at least 20 I think, makes them a good choice for scribbles with colors e.g. for street artist’s graffiti black book.

Stabilos on paper, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. (c)2011 Tom Mayer, All Rights Reserved

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