The Nikon F3 And Fuji Film

Artwork of a Nikon F3 with Fuji Logo Background

I still wish someone will bring out a digital film to use with vintage cameras. I think the old Nikons are the most iconic for me. When I think of the image of a photographer, he always has at least 2 Nikons around their neck and a Leica in the pocket of their vest (of course). Sometimes it’s Ali MacGraw in “Convoy”. Maybe I’m getting old (That’s the old-fart-part of this post, you can skip it if you want), but I really love the click-clack of the film-cameras. Maybe that is the reason I’m simply not able to sell my old equipment. Even I just use it once a year. Maybe you feel the same.

P.S.: Please check out this website of my good fried Inga from Germany.

One thought on “The Nikon F3 And Fuji Film

  1. Certainly. I feel the same. And I think – but am not sure yet – that with film, you make a TRACE while with a digital camera you first produce a SIGN that has to be decoded… Does that make a difference?

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