KISS 4: Simple Perspective (Isometric Projection)

Example of Isometric Projection Sketch (Town Street)

If you read my old KISS-posts you’re probably now equipped with a bunch of nice pens and a few basic sketching skill. Last we talked about drawing with simple shapes. That’s nice and easy, but very flat. Means: Sometimes we want the third dimension. There are many ways to draw perspectives correctly. Most of them are complicated and difficult to learn. You can go into that when you feel you want more of your drawings then just simple sketches. For now I show you a very effective way to draw in perspective. It’s called the isometric or parallel projection. Means that all lines in your perspective view are running parallel.

You might know that look from video games like The Sims, Sim City, or older arcade games. It appears as if the scenery is endless. Objects are visible from the side and front, but never narrow to horizon. Think of railroad track: They seem to get closer with the distance. The don’t do that in isometric projection. They stay parallel! It’s completely unrealistic but it works to show things on paper. Especially technical drawings are made like this.

So what do we need?

At first of course one of your KISS-pens and a plain sheet of paper. Tracing paper would be perfect, but cheap white office paper will do it too. Just grab one out of the paper tray of the Xerox machine around the corner. I promise I won’t tell anybody. Now you need to download this template from my website. Don’t worry, it won’t bite and it’s totally free. I made it for myself to use it with notepads. Print a copy and put it under your paper.

The Village

Hopefully it shines through so you see a grid of triangles. As you can see on the pictures you just stay parallel to the lines. Start again with a basic shape, maybe a block, and try to draw a small house. Then add a second house or a garage. You can practice that easily during long phone calls. When you become better with the houses you can add trees and cars. Here is another example of objects in isometric projection:

Example of Sketch In Isometric Projection (Mac, Land Rover, Old TV)

Of you get bored with your village you can sketch little things on Post-Its. (You know I love sketching on Post-Its). If you like send me you KISSes. Leave a comment or send a mail to: You can contact me on too.


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