Southern California Power Outage 2011 Shirts

S.D. Unplugged 2011S.D. Unplugged 2011S.D. Unplugged 2011

S.D. Unplugged 2011S.D. Unplugged 2011I Survived On Sausage And Cheese! (Swieners) San Diego Power Outage

The San Diego Power Outage took us into a total blackout. No light, no music and since stupid me has no battery-powered radio: No news. But smart phone, twitter and of course neighbors and friends helped us through the night.

So while from Arizona to Mexico all the people spend almost eight hours in the dark we had some time to write down some funny line for shirts. So here we are with a few brand new shirts. And the coolest thing: Most of them are available in a glow-in-the-dark flexpring! So next time it’s getting dark you have at least your shirt to give you some light.

Shirts are available at and the Swieners shirt shop.


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