I Put A Spell On You!

Artsmoto.com +++ Voodoo Mask "I Put A Spell On You" Girl With Hoodie on Flickr


Sketch for a website that sells printed T-Shirts. I did the print design and the sketch of the girl.

I hope Screamin’ J. Hawkins would wear it too. I used ink and markers to draw the outlines. Colors were added with watercolors. The print was added with Photoshop. If you like the shirt you can order it in various color combinations at artsmoto.com. The Background is the isometric grid I did for one of the KISSes. Somehow I started to use this for the Artsmoto sketches since it’s very useful to have some straight lines in the background.

For all of us who love some music, my favorite version of that great tune:


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