How To Get Your Canon LiDE500F Scanner To Work With Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

And now something completely different: I just bought myself a new MacBook with the great new OS X 10.7 installed. Personally I like the new “Lion”. It feels faster and snappier than 10.6. No problems with old software, just a piece of hardware didn’t wanted to work: My trusty old Canon LiDE500F scanner. Canon was never good in keeping the drivers up to date. But now the new Mac just said “no” because PowerPC applications are not supported anymore. What? Canon states on their website that they don’t support Lion with the 500F. Too bad! The 500F is not the best scanner in the world, but for me it’s perfect because it fits in my backpack together with my MacBook! And for that it has an amazing image quality.

So I tried a few things like installing supported drivers (sometimes that works) and of course browsing through the web. I even was about to order a new scanner. But it really bugs me to throw away a good piece of hardware just because it’s not supported anymore by the manufacturer. I was thinking about Vuescan. But it’s $80 and works just with the Canon driver installed (That note actually saved me from spending eighty bucks).  I found this guys post about the same problem. He didn’t explained HOW he managed to install his scanner but it shows that it’s possible to do so!

So now the big trick (maybe it isn’t, but for me it’s magic!): You don’t need the driver! Just install the Canon Toolbox for the 500F that is made for Universal. I found a version on the asian support site:

Again: Forget about the driver! Just the toolbox. After installing and rebooting (hello Windows?) the scanner will appear as TWAIN and in Apple’s Image Capture Software.

So end of the box talk, back to the pens. I just spend so much time on this I thought it might be useful for somebody out there too.


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