Ink Saving Infant Feeding Protocol Utilizing Ruled Filler Paper

Ink Saving Infant Feeding Protocol to print on ruled paper. By Meza Boogie

I wasn’t sure if this blog is the right place to post this, but on the other hand: It’s my blog, so I guess I can post what I want. So to all new parents, this is what my wife and me came up to keep the numbers in one place.

This PDF is a easy way to print you own infant feeding protocol by utilizing ruled paper. You can buy sheets of filler paper for cheap and load it into your printer. The PDF will just add a few lines and words. Since it’s very useful to keep track of your babies eating and diaper habits we found this a very easy way to print a dozen and keep it in a binder. One sheet a day let’s you write the time, diapers and feeding plus comments (e.g. extra meds or juice), and a total at the bottom.

You can download this document here:

Please let us know what you think or if you have any ideas to improve this document.

Update: I uploaded a biger size photo so you can see what you get. Just click to view.

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