Happy Birthday America!

Artwork of Theodore Roosevelt wearing working clothes in front of Stars and stripes.

A happy and patriotic 4th of July to everyone out there, especially my followers and readers. I really appreciate your feedback! I couldn’t resist putting another president into casual clothes. So after last year’s Fat Franky and Hipster Abe here comes Hard Workin’ Teddy.

This is a homage to Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States. Roosevelt was a man who gets things done. He was a cowboy in the Dakotas, hunted outlaws, fought in Cuba during the Spanish–American War (and earned the Medal of Honor), served the NYPD as their leader and later became president of the US. I portrayed Roosevelt as a Farmer, someone who builds with his own hands – Backbone of our nation ever since

Watercolors, ink and copic pen on paper with some help of Photoshop.

And for some Entertainment: Here is my favorite 4th of July video:



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday America!

    • Thanks Gabriel, I appreciate it! BTW I checked out your site, I really like your work. Take care, Tom

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