Cartoonish VW Rabbit GTI

Cartoonish VW Golf/Rabbit Mk1 GTI
A piece I made for a friend’s son’s first birthday: Dad’s VW Rabbit GTI in acrylic paint, Sharpies on cardboard. Was fun doing it, I should do it more often.

Happy Birthday America!

Artwork of Theodore Roosevelt wearing working clothes in front of Stars and stripes.

A happy and patriotic 4th of July to everyone out there, especially my followers and readers. I really appreciate your feedback! I couldn’t resist putting another president into casual clothes. So after last year’s Fat Franky and Hipster Abe here comes Hard Workin’ Teddy.


The “Wicked” Wilson Pickett

Portrait of American R&B, Soul and Rock 'n' Roll legend Wilson Pickett by Tom Mayer

It always amazed me that even through highest repressions black musicians where always able to change the history of music .

This portrait of Wilson Pickett was made with Sharpies on acrylic paint.


Hand Lettering

Hand lettering makes simple text more interesting - by T. Mayer | Monkey Crisis On Mars

It happens a lot when I work with startups that I stumble over the same few fonts that come with computers since the last 20 years. There is nothing to say against the use of timeless fonts like the Helvetica or the Microsoft clone Arial, but it’s mostly the less tasteful alternatives that hurt my eyes. Especially if something needs to look handwritten or hand painted it gets ugly.


A Dog Named Apple

A Dog Named Apple – Sketch ink on cardboard by T.Mayer, San Diego
Sometimes things turn out better than you think: I struggled with this one for months. I wasn’t sure which way to go for a dog portrait. I like dogs but I find it rather difficult to draw them. And too many times it happened ending up with a cheesy looking furball or something else on my paper. So I decided to reduce it to black and white this time. This is for Suzi who for helping me out big times. Thank you!

Especially me working in the field of intellectual property, design and graphics I really recommend Suzi’s service:


Ink Saving Infant Feeding Protocol Utilizing Ruled Filler Paper

Ink Saving Infant Feeding Protocol to print on ruled paper. By Meza Boogie

I wasn’t sure if this blog is the right place to post this, but on the other hand: It’s my blog, so I guess I can post what I want. So to all new parents, this is what my wife and me came up to keep the numbers in one place.

This PDF is a easy way to print you own infant feeding protocol by utilizing ruled paper. You can buy sheets of filler paper for cheap and load it into your printer. The PDF will just add a few lines and words. Since it’s very useful to keep track of your babies eating and diaper habits we found this a very easy way to print a dozen and keep it in a binder. One sheet a day let’s you write the time, diapers and feeding plus comments (e.g. extra meds or juice), and a total at the bottom.

You can download this document here:

Please let us know what you think or if you have any ideas to improve this document.

Update: I uploaded a biger size photo so you can see what you get. Just click to view.

Goodbye Mr. Brubeck

Artwork Illustration Portrait Sketch of Jazz Musician Dave Brubeck by Tom Mayer, San Diego


This is really a sad day. Dave Brubeck died. There are not many people who where that productive during their lifetime. A best of the Dave Brubeck Quartet was my first jazz record. Since then I can’t remember of any musical device not having at least one Brubeck tune on it.



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