Toyota/Scion IQ Citycars



Sideview of 4 Toyota/Scion iQ Citycars by Tom Mayer, Monkey Crisis On Mars ©2016 – All Rights Reserved

In 2008 Toyota introduced the iQ to the Japanese market. Designed at the Toyota European Design and Development studio in Nice, France, the iQ was designed to maximize passenger space, while minimizing exterior length. The iQ is able to accommodate three passengers—and under very tight conditions, a fourth one. It was discontinued in 2015. As you can imagine in California it is a rarer sight than a Bugatti Veyron – means it sold badly. Compared to the millions of Camrys and Prius chances are good that the Toyota salesman will probably never forget the name of that person who bought one of these. Traditionally California does better with hearting odd vehicles. Especially since it’s a really good vehicle. The usability is much higher than a Smart car. A family with two kids could probably cut gas expenses down to 10% when driving Ayden and Brooklyn to school in an iQ instead of the Lexus SUV that is a quasi standard for the California Pinterest-mom. But well, didn’t happen. So RIP little car. Please become a future classic.


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